2016-01 Jan

chicken fire1  Celebrating Hogmanay! I read about this being an authentic Scottish celebration (yes, it was Wikipedia) but since I'm game for anything related to fire, I gave it a go (authenticity or NOT!). It was fun! I put it down before it burned through the rope and flew off. Yes, Dave outlined for me all the things that thankfully did not go wrong. 20160102 105700  We're off with the Paulsons for some snow fun. The bridge is closed for a few boats to go through. We are used to waiting in lines by now, though! (Remember our fun on Stevens Pass last month?) This is nothing! Just 30 minutes, and you KNOW what it is for! 20160102 105744  Nice view of the snowy Olympics. 20160102 121516  I put chains on, finally! Got to use 'em!
20160102 123709  Such fun sledding! 20160102 124156 20160102 124203 20160102 130202  Kim and I gave these a go on the logging road - wooohoo!
20160102 131627  This was something I could NOT resist! Thanks, Joel! (Brother Doug - yes, I came back down on the tube behind the truck - used my heels and rump to slow down, making sure there were no rocks I'd hit - peering under the truck as we rolled along downhill). Funny story involving skin check at the Dermatologist the next week...he goes "Huh, what's THIS about?" If I'm talking to you live, I'll tell you the story. It's kinda classified. 20160102 133632  Thank you, Dave, for Jetboil coffee!!!! 20160102 134701  Mt. Constance is so beautiful from our snow park. 20160102 134801  The kids just sledded and sledded and sledded...
20160102 140606  Look at Joel's delicious tailgate fare! 20160102 142843  We were among the first to arrive and among the last to leave. 20160102 142928  Great day, guys. 20160102 143107  A nice still life of the day.
20160102 144049  From the fire road. 20160102 134849 05 20160102 144824 20160102 145542  Paulson clan :)
20160102 145546 20160103 084713  Out on a run - from Manitou beach. Despite all the rain here, we DO get beautiful days. 20160103 125942  I think this is open skate with the boys, AFTER stick and puck. Another day I spent many many hours at the rink, but had such a good time with my two boys. 20160103 130109  Enjoy Sam trying to teach me some things :)
20160103 131928  This is afterwards. We're all tired and punchy. 20160103 132100  Nice, Sam! 20160103 141836  Look where our number is - on Sam's head! 20160104 165557  Boys shooting in the garage. Many hours spent doing this. Nana and PopPop - they LOVE the stickhandling toys you sent for Christmas!
20160104 165901  Here is the radar gun that measures speed. This is a real hit! It says I walk around doing chores at 9mph! 20160106 103248  Emmy greeting me - note ear position here. 20160106 103301  And here. Ach, she's thinking, I guess it's for real. She's got the halter. 20160106 121108  But this is afterwards. Happy, steamy horse :)
20160106 184522  At the commissary with the boys. I love shopping with them! This is the card edit at the end. Really only have to deny about 10% of the crap they try to sneak out :) 20160106 185229  They don't stack very neatly. 20160106 201151  Here's our cereal haul. Unreal. 20160106 201219  Sam is happy to try Hungry Man :)
20160106 201226  The boy pantry is so full the door won't close ;) 20160106 201240  Look at the stuff in there! Yes, there's some naughtiness (Cheezits). Ben loves Cheezits. 20160109 080555  On our way to a hockey game. Nice frosty countryside. 20160109 090935
20160109 114405  Afterwards - half the team at IHOP! 20160109 114411 20160109 133915  Heading back home. This view never gets old. 20160112 174902  Stick and Puck again :) Boys are actually playing together nicely!
20160112 174925 20160113 133957  Emmy eating fir tips! It makes her breath smell so great! 20160113 135845  I'm giving Emmy a kiss here. Watch her lips and tongue. So funny! She almost gets me! 20160113 141933  I lost this FULL punch card on a run, then FOUND it again the next day - in our DRIVEWAY!
20160113 164647  Still making a lot of fires at home to heat the house, plus I just love splitting wood and lighting fires. 20160113 201910  The goalies for knee hockey :) 20160114 081738  The sun's rays finding their way all the way up to Day Rd, through the woods. 20160114 084952  The tide is very very high.
20160115 200442  The Mites (Ben's team) are playing for 5 minutes during the Warriors intermission. 20160115 200840 20160116 160805  Sam baking a pie to go with dinner at a friend's house! 20160117 171249  This is fossil worm feces. Story posted sometime in Jan. We found this at a dig site in Seattle that we visited with a geologist friend. It was
Screenshot 2016-01-17-21-09-36  So I'm trying to learn Russian, and I'm using Google to learn expressions. I speak them back IN RUSSIAN, and see how close I get to the intended ENGLISH. I was trying to say "Time to brush teeth, boys." Look what Google thought I said! Screenshot 2016-01-17-21-08-56  Oh my GOSH! Screenshot 2016-01-17-21-08-44  I guess the word "honor" is here somewhere! Screenshot 2016-01-17-21-08-20
Screenshot 2016-01-17-21-08-07 Screenshot 2016-01-17-20-39-22  Whew - finally! 20160118 140330  Muddy ride! 20160118 140809  I repaired a bridle as a gift for my awesome instructor, Janet.
20160119 085838  I watched a group of Mallards for an inordinately long time while out on this run. They travel in groups, and they wait up for stragglers. How interesting. 20160119 162656  My yeasts are finally back in business! This bread rose pretty well! 20160119 164100  Chickens are roosting, and Wheat is getting more brave! 20160119 171801  This was a crazy night. The Zamboni broke down so I organized a roller hockey meet-up. Turns out the soccer coach had the same idea. He finally allowed us to share the space when he left 15 min earlier than he planned, but the boys and I, plus Ethan our adorable goalie, spent 90 minutes waiting them out while skating in the rain! We just imagined it was ice...just not cold enough. Pond hockey of a different sort.
20160119 172328  Here are a few movies of the time together. It all ended well, but I was a little frustrated while also impressed that the boys didn't let it get to them that they were relegated to 16 sq ft. 20160119 173056 20160119 180329  Greetings to their coaches - Brent is the hockey director who was pretty bummed to have a sick Zamboni for a week. Even the BACKUP (loaner) Zam broke! 20160119 182651  Finally - we got some time in the dry covered area!
20160119 185539  Ethan (in red) LOVED scoring! 20160119 185552  He is SO cute! 20160119 185603 20160119 185619  Ben is a nut. They're making Batman hair.
20160119 185637 20160120 150535  Ben's teacher is doing a great job giving him meaningful work to do. Here's a sample. Ben is in 2nd grade. 20160121 174411  Backup Zam stuck, while the kids watch in horror. It got freed and practice went on...whew! 20160121 190904  Picture taken to chase a missing glove. This goes on pretty routinely. Somehow most of the gear doesn't end up lost. It's amazing what boys CAN keep track of (with a little help from mom).
20160122 085811  I'm helping out in Ben's math class teaching how to interpret word problems. I'm working with kids on both ends of the learning continuum. It's kind of exhausting but gives me a better sense of just how hard it is for one teacher to do it all. 20160122 091929  This is the advanced group. I had five of them. 20160122 095136  Car parked out at Wilkes. Nice! 20160122 110852  Janet working with Emmy, who doesn't like having an outside rein some days...
20160122 182142  Ben playing some uke for us! 20160122 183349 20160122 183912  A big egg day! Wow! 20160122 201710  I'm very frugal. This broke off months ago and it's a pain to use, but there's still floss in there. I haven't bought a new one. I betcha anything my mom will read this and ship me a new floss container saying "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR PRECIOUS SCARCE TIME MESSING WITH THAT?!" ;)
20160123 115714  Out on a run down to Lynwood Center. This is about halfway, and very pretty. 20160123 115807  I found this on the road, thought it would be bad for bike and car tires, meant to find a trash can, never found one, and ended up running with it like this. I quickly noticed cars really gave me a wide berth as I jogged along with that sticking out! 20160123 155617  An exhibition game down in Tacoma - Coach Chris Wilson's son plays for the opposing team. Nice to see him (in the penalty box). 20160123 155636
20160123 164920 20160123 170010  A shootout to end the game. 20160123 173105  This man - Mike - was one of the actors in MIRACLE (movie about the 1980 Olympics). Mike played O'Callahan. Lisa was like "oooh my GOSH! It's O'Callahan!" I love Lisa - she is SO funny! 20160123 203303  After the Tacoma game, we brought two boys home (cousins) for a sleepover, then we had another game the next day. These two boys have a LOT of energy! Check out the videos to see what I mean...
20160123 204152  Shooting... 20160123 204322 20160123 210249  And soccer. This is 9:30 at night. It's wind down time, isn't it? but there's also basketball going on. 20160124 081717  Breakfast the next morning. It only took an hour of cajoling to get them to stop jumping off bunkbeds and get some sleep...we're all a little worse for the wear but so thankful to have had them up for a night! They loved all Sam's Rubik's cubes, too.
20160124 134534  Sam is tying Ben's skates - isn't that nice? Ben has practice on Sunday, so we stayed after Sam's game straight through stick and puck to Ben's practice. I spend a lot of time at the rink! Dave got us lunch then went home to study. 20160124 174320  That evening we raced home (via Safeway for ingredients to make shortbread!) to have Burns Night with Ben McCafferty. He and his family are such a hoot! This is Ben helping dry out my fire so it will finally take off :) He's using a LEAF BLOWER! The guy doesn't mess around. ;) 20160124 181258  Finally going - this is actually a really pretty fire. Thanks, Ben! 20160125 100739
20160125 104952  What a great surprise! WOW! 20160125 160936  Hey, Wheat! You're doing well! 20160125 161226  She's having some private garden time while Calvin paces longingly. 20160126 082251  Peanut butter hanging from the wrong place. Yup. It was that kind of morning!
20160126 130906  On the way to ride with Emmy. 20160127 173341  Ben found a book on how to fold dollars. Look what he made! 20160127 190343  Now it's time for sleepover #3 - Sam's birthday! We have 8 hockey boys over for pizza, fried chicken, cake and video games. 20160127 202243  They are decorating Sam's cake. That will go well, I'm sure. Right?
20160127 202251  Seems to be...so far. 20160127 202325  Until... 20160127 202405  You may want ear plugs for this. 20160127 202447  Now it's getting messy.
20160127 202809  Happy 11th birthday, Sam! 20160127 202815 20160128 072817  Some of the boys REALLY wanted to sleep in the tent. It's raining out, and I ACTUALLY did think to myself, "This is a bit crazy; I don't really need to do this." But the adventure of it won out (as I knew it would) and we set up the tent at 8pm in the DARK and the RAIN. The boys were excellent helpers. They quickly ran to the house to grab every towel they could find to mop up the floor of the tent (rain came in before I could get the rainfly up). Oh - what is this bucket? A urinal, of course! 20160128 072827  Nearly set!
20160128 072836  This is the next morning...we all slept well in the tent, no leaks, and I actually had to wake them up at 7:15 because one boy had teacher conferences to go to pretty early. Otherwise we'd have still been sleeping. 20160128 072841 20160128 072852 20160128 074828
20160128 090755  The rest of the morning was spent peacefully playing, drying clothes and sleeping bags, etc. 20160128 090800 20160128 090812  I cleaned up the house, too. Here they are playing NHL 16 or something on the PlayStation. 20160128 101625  The tent will be moved out of the woods to dry out by some helpful boys (Sam and neighbor Kai). But this is the campsite in the little clearing.
20160128 101853  More shooting... 20160128 160024  Sam's cube collection. 20160129 094520  Tent in its new drying position. I love this 10 man tent! Thank you, Mom and Richard!